The Law Offices of Claudia Botty specializes in the practice of immigration law. With offices in Washington DC and Miami, the law offices offers ensures knowledgeable, experienced and diligent representation.  Whether your or your loved one is facing removal proceedings before the immigration
courts, representation at bond hearings or adjustment of status, the attorney strives to provide competent representation with high success rate Because the immigration process can be quit complex, if you are seeking a green cards, business, visa or U.S. Citizenship, temporary protected status, deferred action for young immigrants (DACA), hardship waivers for illegal stay, or any other immigration benefits, you could use the guidance of aprofessional with several years of experience in the federal government and private practice who has the ability to act on your behalf.  

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If you need assistance with an immigration matter, Law Offices of Claudia Botty is on hand to see you through the process. Time is usually of the essence when it comes to immigration, and Law Offices of Claudia Botty is dedicated to working quickly to expedite your visa, green card, or citizenship.

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